Smith interview disappointing

Letter to the Editor

Ms. Miller,

Your published interview with Lamar Smith in the Sunday edition was disappointing.  Smith has insulted your profession and the First Amendment (get your news from Donald Trump he said), called stories in the most distinguished newspapers in the country ‘fake news,” (though as you know that is not true) and time and again stood up for Trump, who is a serial liar (proven over and over again), and a great danger, and yet you let Smith walk all over you, and then published it for your readers to see.  

Look, I lived in Singapore for four years, working as a lecturer in the national university there.  I’ve seen a dictator at work and what it can do to the people of a country, which is what Trump and Bannon have said they want to do to ours, “deconstruct” the state. This is serious stuff and, Ms. Miller, at this time, we can’t afford coddling and genuflecting, especially from an honorable journalist. 

Jerry Whitus

San Marcos

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