Something’s missing from noise ordinance

Letter to the Editor


Here’s just a heads up on an issue about high volume music outdoors, which evidently affected neighborhoods near St. John’s Catholic church during their recent fiesta and also affected neighborhoods near the VFW on Hunter Road this evening.

In response to my complaint about the noise, a very friendly and professional San Marcos police officer came to our house just after 9 p.m. and explained that the decibel reading for music at this festival two blocks from our neighborhood (Greenpointe) was within limits for live music at bars in the city, but that no limit is specified in permits for festivals, such as the one at VFW. Several of our neighbors had already called to complain, but I was impressed to have such a comprehensive explanation in person. He noted that complaints had been received this evening from as far away as homes on Craddock Road.

Now that we understand what’s missing from the noise ordinance, our neighbors can address the issue with the city council and hopefully come to some compromise: either lower the volume or end earlier or both. Live music is great, but not when an over-amplified electric bass can be heard clearly inside our house with all the windows closed.

You’re welcome to file this note under “petty problems” or “clear night atmosphere issues” or whatever, but meanwhile we will work to bring it to the attention of our city government. Thanks.

Sharon Lockett

San Marcos Daily Record

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