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Support Lindsey Hill

Letter to the Editor
Sunday, October 28, 2018

Mayor Thomaides, City Council and the zoning board,

I am writing in reference to the Lindsey Hill Project. There have been many misconceptions and wild tales concerning this project. One is that it will cause Blanco Street to flood. That is wrong. Another that Burleson St. is too narrow for the traffic … wrong again. The people who live directly across from Lamar School should be the decision makers and we are all excited about this project. People who live 8 blocks away should not be in charge of decision making.

People whose wives object strenuously to this project should recuse themselves from voting at the Planning and Zoning meeting. And people on the City Council who are held sway by objectors should recuse themselves also.

This is a project that we want to see happen for our city. We are voters in this city and just because we don’t shout loudly does not mean that we should not be heard.


Johanna K. Hansen

Burleson Street

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