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Terrible tragedies can only be stopped by us

Letter to the Editor
Sunday, August 11, 2019

Letter to the Editor and Everybody:

All this terrible loss of life and hurt and talk going on this last week everywhere can only be stopped by us.

Yes, you and I and everybody. One at a time, by the boy and girl scouts, all churches and youth leaders, boys and girls clubs, 4H programs, young Americans, service clubs (like Kiwanis, Rotary and Lions), Police and Sheriff’s associations, paid staff and volunteers. Yes, our school teachers, coaches, university student organizations, sororities and fraternities, church campus ministries like the Methodist and Baptist ministries on campus can all help. Let’s go one at a time to be clean, honest, helpful, and courteous to people everywhere. We can change the world, yes, one at a time. Will you step up?

Ted Breihan

San Marcos Record

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