A Thanksgiving gift

Letter to the Editor


My husband and I enjoy bestowing or gifting breakfasts of tacos for young customer at a Mexican Cafe in San Marcos where there are hundreds of “starving students,” and we seldom have a problem locating recipients for our “random acts of kindness.” Actually, as the “Collie Clan” in Wimberley would explain, the blessing is really our own.

So, today I was in the Subway waiting in line to purchase lunch, and a young man with ragged jeans, a jacket that looked as if it came from a second hand store, and a knit sock cap holding down his dark curly hair which was escaping around the edges, was in front of me. He was about one foot taller than me, and I could not see his face. I was just thinking that I wished I could get ahead of him and buy his lunch. All down the line he was being teased affectionately by the staff saying that they would not fill his order. I laughingly asked him if they always treated him so rudely, and he turned around grinning admitting that they usually gave him a bad time. He said that it was really bad when he dropped by for his evening meal, that crew really loved to tease. I then noted that his smile was warm and he was quite handsome as he spoke of the staff. He reminded me of my grandsons.

As he was finishing up at the cash register, I was explaining to the clerk that my credit card information had been stolen and that my credit card was cancelled the night before, but I had a checkbook, and would pay with a check. She explained, emphatically that they do not take checks EVER. The young man who was still at the cash register told the clerk to “never mind” that he was “taking care of my lunch.” When I protested he said he was getting paid on Friday, and had enough money to cover it. I was so touched, that I almost cried, but instead hugged the giver whom I had really meant to be the recipient of MY gift.

As he left I watched him drive away in his bright red Toyota pickup and wave bye to me. Then my eyes filled with tears, thankful that we have such wonderful young people!

Joan Jernigan, Ph.D.

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