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Time for Mano Amiga to do the right thing

Letter to the Editor
Sunday, August 11, 2019

To The Editor:

Freedom of speech and the right to petition the government is one of the most basic rights in the United States. But to protect these rights for everyone, political speech is regulated. Political advocacy groups, like Mano Amiga SMTX, must disclose the source of their donations, the names of their leadership and their expenses. These rules are the same for all candidates and all political action committees, or PACS, like Mano Amiga. Joca Marquez and Mark Rockeymoore, the candidates supported by Mano Amiga in last year’s election had to disclose the same, and common sense require Mano Amiga to play fair and do the same before this year’s election. I’m asking Mano Amiga to step up and do the right thing. File your paperwork as a political action committee and disclose your donors and your leadership. The citizens of San Marcos deserve to know that everyone in our city is playing fair.

Steph Serrano

San Marcos, Texas

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