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Too many obstacles in getting a new ID card

Letter to the Editor
Wednesday, October 3, 2018


Last week I attempted to accomplish a rather simple task — change my address. Two weeks ago I moved from Wimberley to San Marcos. I wanted a new card reflecting my new address.  Apparently this was too far above the pay grade of the clerk I encountered.  I have had this card for over twenty years.  I no longer drive so had a Texas ID card--obviously I had all the documentation needed to get this card initially and I had with me my Social Security card and Medicare card which according this to employee was not sufficient to get a new card.  After waiting two hours and having a very ill husband driving me to this office, this was the kind of treatment I received at the hands of an employee with a little bit of authority exercising a great deal of  power and for what?  Now this necessitates another trip, another long waiting period and waste of time, gas, and generating a lot of disgust of what we are paying for as taxpayers.  

If I had been an illegal resident without any documentation I guarantee I would have walked out of that office with an ID card. Such is the new America

Sharri Woods

San Marcos

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