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What else is being dismantled while we stumble in slumber?

Letter to the Editor
Wednesday, December 5, 2018


If I could show all letters that I have written to the San Marcos Daily Record, and letters to the United States politicians and academics, there it would be obvious that my convictions and my theme have been consistent for many years. The reason for that is my combat experience in Vietnam in 1970-71, and guarding nuclear missiles and ordnance in Germany 1974-75 which were dismantled by I.N.F. Treaty in 1991 there, caused me to appreciate freedom and the United States Constitution deeply; but, where did the nuclear warheads go? In Germany we were in Cold War with communist Russia at their border near Poland, and we hardly enjoyed sleep. But, I was young and naive with a six (6) grade education, however, I knew that something all around me was terribly wrong! Isn’t it terrible when something so wonderful and beautiful as earth and sky is, and humans appear, that thousands of question marks dance all over one’s head because the beauty and poverty, racism, hate, violence, and suffering, didn’t agree and were a contradiction? Hence, it was from these experiences that I said to myself as a professional soliloquist that I couldn’t be silent anymore. I realized that giving implied consent to monstrosities and misguided Despot, even in American, was insane!

However, not only was I critical of Despots, but also of those who were and are complicit by their inaction for Despot’s atrocities. Have you, wonder what else is being dismantled in American and this world as we sleepwalk with hook in nose, in a deep slumber?

Peace, Love and Merry Christmas everyone!


Ruben N. Gutierrez

San Marcos Record

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