XYZ club speaks out against SHAC member


When I helped found the XYZ club in high school, I wanted to give the LBGTQ students in my school a space where they could make friends and be themselves without fear of judgement due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. The sense of community that I got from my group did not end at graduation and so, when someone attacks some of the most vulnerable students at SMHS, I take it personally. Enter Naomi Narvaiz.

Naomi Narvaiz has a history of publicly posting bigoted and conspiratorial beliefs from the ridiculous (yoga is satanic indoctrination) to the outright infuriating (deport “all illegals”). So when it came to my attention that she had sent tweets that were transphobic and also tried to call negative attention to XYZ, I was not surprised. It never surprises me to learn that a person who holds racist beliefs is also hostile to other groups of minorities as well, in fact I would find it surprising if that were not the case.

Normally online I will avoid directly engaging with people that feel a need to be publicly awful. It’s not that I’m indifferent, but I realize that I am not going to be the one that changes your decades old belief system in several 140-character tweets. However, the extremist views expressed by Mrs. Narvaiz are no longer restricted to facebook or twitter. Once those views become a matter of public policy we all have an obligation to stand in opposition.

The recent decision by the San Marcos school board to appoint Narvaiz to the School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) should be seen by the community of San Marcos as a slap in the face. A person that believes a trans woman should have to ‘prove’ her womanhood, a person that believes that science is brainwashing children to believe in evolution, a person that thinks ‘homosexual’ kids don’t deserve a place to feel safe at school does not represent the San Marcos I grew up in.

As a co-founder of the XYZ club, a group that supports LBGTQ students at San Marcos High School, I ask that the SMCISD School Board reconsider their appointment of Naomi Narvaiz to SHAC. If anyone else feels the same, the group Mano Amiga has decided to attend next Monday’s school board meeting to voice their concern. Hope to see you there.

Chris Hall

Co-Founder of the XYZ Club at San Marcos High School

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