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Senate Bill 7

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Senate Bill 7 — a Republican priority — would make changes to almost the entire voting process, taking particular aim at narrowing the latitude local officials have to control voting. Credit: Miguel Gutierrez Jr./The Texas Tribune

Here's how Texas elections would change, and become more restrictive, under the bill Texas Republicans are pushing

Like Republicans across the country, Texas lawmakers are pushing to enact sweeping changes to state voting laws, including new restrictions on how and when voters can cast ballots.

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Like other proposals under consideration at the Texas Capitol, many of the restrictions in Senate Bill 7 would target initiatives championed in Harris County to make it easier for more voters to participate in elections. Credit: Michael Stravato for The Texas Tribune

Texas Senate advances bill limiting how and when voters can cast ballots, receive mail-in voting applications

Senate Republicans cleared the way Thursday for new, sweeping restrictions to voting in Texas that take particular aim at forbidding local efforts meant to widen access.

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