Derek Boston is San Marcos' 'big dude down low'

Photo by Gerald Castillo

High School Boys Basketball

Senior center Derek Boston sank a 3-pointer against Austin Akins on Jan. 24 and it surprised no one. 

Boston, who played on the perimeter during summer league basketball, is a guard in a big man’s body, head coach David Norris says. The Rattlers’ low post-man says he doesn’t model his game off anyone, but former Laker Kobe Bryant is his favorite player. When Boston hits a jump shot like his 3-ball against the Eagles, it’s just his way of emulating Bryant. 

“I try to take every aspect of the game and try to incorporate it into one,” Boston said. “My favorite player is Kobe Bryant. So, you know, I play post so that’s not going to happen.”

This season was an adjustment for Boston after being asked to move from a perimeter player to center. He’s been hacked, shoved and pushed inside and on the defensive end he’s gotten himself into foul trouble. But Norris says he’s matured from the first day of practice to now. 

“We asked him to play the five position and it wasn’t something he was really comfortable with,” Norris said. “But this year without him we’d be struggling because he’s done a good job of learning how to use his size. You don’t have to be real tall, if you’re wide and have broad shoulders like him, you can really dominate sometimes.”

Boston averages around nine points and four rebounds per game, which he calls a rollercoaster season. 

“There’s been some high and some lows. I’ve been trying to keep it consistent but that’s the flow of basketball – ups and downs,” he said. “Just trying to put on for my team when they need it.”

San Marcos is still fighting for a playoff spot and Boston recognizes the importance of the two games remaining in the regular season. He’s disappointed with the losses the Rattlers have suffered this season. 

“It’s just been tough to know that we were that close and know that it kind of slipped away from our fingertips,” Boston said. “I mean those game would’ve been important putting us in third maybe even second (in district).”

The 6-foot-3 senior wants to do everything he can to help San Marcos make the playoffs. Boston wants to leave a legacy with the Rattlers. 

“Just trying to push for maybe a fourth or fifth (game) so I can save my senior year and I can look back and tell my kids that I made playoffs,” Boston said. 

The Rattlers plan to utilize Boston’s size down low as they make their final push toward a playoff berth. His teammates understand that Boston plays a big role for San Marcos. 

“He’s the big dude down low,” senior guard Sean Price said. “That’s my boy ‘D-Bo’ down low. He’s very important.”

Boston says he wants to keep his senior year alive as long as he can, but whenever San Marcos’ season comes to a close Norris will miss seeing Boston in Rattler purple. 

“(Boston has) just been a tough kid,” Norris said. “ (He’s a) great kid. Couldn’t ask for a better individual on my team. He’s one of those guys you look forward to coaching every day because he’s always got a smile on his face.”

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