End of the Road: Rattlers' season ends in loss to Spring Westfield

Photo by Gerald Castillo

San Marcos Football

PRAIRIE VIEW — Family, friends and loved ones lined the bottom front row of the home-side seats after Saturday's playoff game against Spring Westfield.

Arms stretched, every player was congratulated on the season they put on display this year. A 10-2 season came to a close when the Mustangs routed San Marcos 47-3 in the UIL 6A Division II Region II Area Playoffs at Panther Stadium in Prairie View.

Contrary to the final score, the Rattlers were in a battle early on in the game. The first quarter was all defense. San Marcos contained everything on the edges early, while Westfield clogged any running lanes up the middle. Both teams were held scoreless in the first quarter. 

Westfield was leading 13-0 when the Rattlers got their first break. The Mustangs fumbled on an exchange and senior defensive tackle Tristan Williams recovered. The Rattlers got inside the five-yard line but were unable to punch it in. Junior kicker Francisco Menchaca put up the kick and brought San Marcos within 10 at the half.

The Mustangs opened the second half with a 64-yard touchdown pass and didn't look back. San Marcos was unable to get anything rolling on offense and the quick-strike ability of the Mustangs quickly put the game out of reach.

Senior quarterback Prudy Calderon typically has his way with opposing defenses. But the Mustangs swarmed to the ball all afternoon. 

"It was probably more speed and size than scheme (that made it tough)" said head coach Mark Soto.

San Marcos was unable to score a touchdown for the first time all season. The Rattlers were caught behind the chains frequently and couldn't get the pass game going due to the pass rush Westfield presented. 

Also, key injuries started to pile up for the Rattlers. Junior running back Jamon Johnson served in a limited role on Saturday. Senior receiver Julian Perez saw snaps in the back field for the first time all season after back up running back Collin Ramos took a handful of big hits. 

Hearts were heavy, but Soto said he's proud of what this team has done for themselves and the community this season. The senior leadership of San Marcos proved what this program could potentially be moving towards in the future.

 "You know, you gotta love the kids." Soto said. "You gotta love their effort and the men they've become this season. (This game) let's us know where we can go. We had great senior leadership all year long. We had great community support all year long. So it just shows them what we're becoming."

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