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Get to know the Hays Rebels: Goad’s ready to lead team

High School Football
Thursday, August 30, 2018

After spending 11 seasons at the helm in Navarro, new Buda Hays head coach Les Goad will have his first opportunity to see his new team in action, as the Rebels take on San Marcos on Friday at 7:30 p.m. at San Marcos Toyota Rattler Stadium.

The Daily Record interviewed Goad to get his thoughts on the upcoming matchup.

Daily Record (DR): What do you remember about the old rivalry between San Marcos and Hays?

Les Goad (LG): “Well, I was an assistant coach in San Marcos in 2002-04. So, we actually played Hays in those days and I was a part of it. And it felt like, at the time, that it was a pretty big rival game for Hays County. It felt like we had some pretty good matches. And I was surprised when I found out that it hadn’t continued.”

DR: Are you excited that it’s been rekindled this year?

LG: “I just think that the proximity of the two communities, being so close together and being two big schools that are in Hays County, I think it’s always exciting that you have that kind of game that both communities can look forward to and really get behind. So, I think it’s definitely a good game for both communities. Big rivals are always a lot of fun.”

DR: What does your team need to do to be ready for Friday’s game?

LG: “Well obviously because of being a new program here, we’ve got to all get on the same page. And hopefully we’ve grown through the two scrimmages that we were able to have. We’ve got to have good communication amongst each other and protecting the football is always the big key, especially early in the season. San Marcos has established themselves as a very good football team, they had a great year last year. I know that their energy is going to be high and their expectation is high and we’ve got to weather that storm of an early surge.

“The other thing that we noticed was that San Marcos proved to be able to make big comebacks last year, so we’ve got to understand that it’s a 48-minute game and play all 48 minutes.”

DR: Who are you excited to see play?

LG: “We don’t have a lot of returning starters, but the ones that we do have, I’ve been pretty excited about. On offense, our starting center, Brandon Garcia, and our starting quarterback, Xavier Martinez, and our tight end, Bayler Jordan. Those are the three returning starters from the offensive side of the ball.

“Defensively, it’s kind of the middle of the team as well, when you look at Michael Mireles as our middle linebacker, and Jaidon Bialaszewski is our free safety. So, it’s kind of the core of both groups. The guys in the middle, center and quarterback, on the offense and then the middle linebacker and free safety on the defense. Obviously, we’ve had a lot of holes to fill all around those groups, but we feel really good about those (senior) returning starters.”

DR: What are you expecting from them?

LG: “Their leadership, No. 1. They’re the ones on the field. In the scrimmages, the coaches are out there and can interject, a little bit, some of their energy and their thoughts. But now, they’re going to be out there in the huddles and they’re the ones who are going to have to get everybody on the same page and kind of lead that energy on both sides of the ball.”

DR: What are you most looking forward to on Friday?

LG: “You know, in a new school, in a new program, just getting that first piece of football, you know, the game. Just getting to the actual games because it’s been a long time since March, it feels like. And trying to teach, and trying to put together all the pieces and trying to get everybody in the right position. Those are the kind of things that have gone on since March. Regardless of whether you’re new somewhere or not, that first game is -- you’re always looking forward to it because you’ve got a lot of new people in places. 

“And just seeing how everybody’s going to respond and see the kind of enthusiasm and passion for the game that we bring. It’s been a long time since I’ve played in a game of this sized school. I’ve been in a smaller community. And so, I’m looking forward to the crowd and seeing what that’s going to be like and the energy that the crowd brings as well.

“I’ve been in a lot of big games (at Navarro) but it’s been a long time since I’ve been in a 6A football game that has the kinds of crowds that we’re going to have, other than big playoff games.”

DR: With this being your first season at Hays, what are you trying to accomplish this year?

LG: “You’re trying establish the culture of the ‘how’ we play the game and our approach to the game. The physicality, the passion, the speed that you play with and just that intensity. You know, it’s a different brand of football for every coaching staff and for every program. And this first season, obviously we have goals that we want to accomplish. Winning that first game is a big goal for us, making the playoffs is a big goal, having a winning season. All of those are pieces of things that you’re trying to establish. But as the whole, you’re trying to establish your football culture and how we’re going to approach the game.”

DR: How would you describe your culture?

LG: “It’s a physical brand of football. It’s a real intense, physical game that we try to establish and the intensity we play with, as well as a very disciplined brand of football. We’re playing an 11-man game, which I know everybody does, but the way we run our offense and our defense as well, all the parts have to be clicking. It’s not like we can put the ball in the hands of one guy and just let him win games for us. The way we run our offense and the way we run our defense, it incorporates a true team concept.”

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