SuperBowl Sunday from a runner's perspective

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It is Super Bowl Sunday and while it is not officially a national holiday a large majority of people celebrate it as if it was.  

Bars have big screens, clubs have parties, friends have pot luck gatherings and runners get their miles in early in the morning. While football is not the sport for runners like some they host some of the best pot luck parties around.

Runners tend to eat healthy food and lots of it because they burn off the calories putting in the miles during the week. I remember going to several of these gatherings and the food was outstanding. The one thing that stood out was how much food a bunch of skinny people could eat. Second and third helpings was more the norm than not. I always imagined that runners have hollow legs to store the amount of food that passed through the mouth.  

I tried to keep up with Patty Cattellano when she was favored to win the Houston Marathon. 

A tiny woman that probably weighed around 115 pounds. I did well the first helping but had to back off a bit on the second pass through the buffet, and faded to last when she made a third trip to the buffet. She only beat me by 40 minutes or so and I have always wondered if I had been able to make it through that third trip for a plate of spaghetti if it might have helped me run faster.

The thing about the number of people that watch the Super Bowl to make it the most watched show – in fact, it is somewhere the top five most watched shows – is that it is not only the macho male football fan, but women who have no interest football – and often do not even know who is playing – but the ads make a must see show for the die-hard fans and almost everyone else. 

The television ads cost many millions of dollars for 30 seconds of visibility. After the game the sports castors go over the big and decisive plays of the game and analyze it down to the finest detail.  

The other part of the post game show is ranking the ads that were shown.While the company paid millions of dollars for that 30 seconds, the ad will be shown for weeks afterwards in almost every station on television.  And if it was voted on being one of the best it will be shown for several years after that. The Big Mean Joe Green and the little kid with the Coke is still highlighted today when talking about Super Bowl ads.

Since runners put in their miles earlier, they are very hungry and with good cooks providing tasty food, there is no problem with over eating. Some may have even entered a race that morning. 

I wonder why organizers would put on a race on Super Bowl Sunday as the only runners that might enter are those from local, or near-by towns, that can get back home for the game.  

Super Bowl Sunday is the last chance to watch football until next August and the game needs to satisfy the true football fan until then. 

The sports fans who like sports action will now have to settle for National Hockey League, National Basketball Association, Masters Golf Tournament, NASCAR races, Major League Baseball starting up, and there is always the start of running season to look forward to.  March, and early April, are when there is a race, or races, every weekend. The running season will continue  for most of the summer with a slight slowdown in July and August because of the hot weather here in Texas. 

 Runners like to watch sports as much as anyone else and their season of competition goes on all year long. And while the Masters Golf Tournament, the World Series, Stanley Cup Playoffs and the NBA Finals are all fun to watch, runner’s think the big sporting events on television revolves around the New York and Boston Marathons for their sports fix. It is all a matter of interest and perspective.

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