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Placing possessive apostrophes

Susan Smith- Daily Record Columnist

Q:  How do you handle the possessive when the person’s name ends in the letter s?  For example, James had a dog.  Is that James’ dog or James’s dog?

A: If you want a succinct, clear, classic answer to a grammar question, you can’t beat “The Elements of Style” by William Strunk and E.B. White (of “Charlotte’s Web” fame.) 

And what did the authors’ choose as their very first, page one rule?

“Form the possessive singular of nouns by adding apostrophe s, as in ’s.

Argentinean dance troupe bringing ‘Deseos’ to Austin

AUSTIN–– Tango - the word has acquired an almost mythical aura - exuding sensuality, excitement, and drama. On Oct. 30, Estampas Porteñas will take Austin audiences on a magical tour, showcasing this vibrant art form, its customs and richly inventive language of music and dance at the One World Theatre (6 p.m., 8:30 p.m., 7701 Bee Caves Rd., $35-$98,

Life’s Journey: Chief Townsend, American hero

"Brother" Jim Lanning- Daily Record Columnist

My journey this week took me to Chief Petty Officer(retired) Mike Townsend, a veteran and 1973 graduate of San Marcos high school. He served 24 years in The United States Navy, 18 of those years in the Submarine service. Leaving home and going from the routine of a safe place into the unknown,

Mike Townsend raised his right hand and enlisted in 1974. He had to say goodbyes to family. Can you imagine his feelings as he departed San Marcos alone, fresh out of high school, to answer the call of the sea as a sailor?

San Marcos Kiwanis Club to sponsor 5k

On Saturday, Oct. 29, the San Marcos Kiwanis Club will host the third annual Great Pumpkin Dash at San Marcos Toyota. The San Marcos Kiwanis Club is a local nonprofit group that supports charitable causes and scholarships in our local community.

The Great Pumpkin Dash is touted as a fun 5k run and kids fun run. Held the Saturday before Halloween, participants are encouraged to dress and run in costume. There will be a prize for Best Costume. Participants even run by an old cemetery.



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