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The study of the fossils of ancient, extinct creatures can not only inform our understanding of species from millions of years ago, but can teach us about the impacts of the earth on biodiversity as well as inform us on the location of different terranes and their proximity to one another at that time, according to Shelly Wernette, a Texas State University Department of Geography and Environmental Studies senior lecturer. She went on TXST’s Big Ideas podcast to discuss her studies of stratigraphy and invertebrate paleontology with special attention to the lower Paleozoic of Gondwana and Trilobites, according to a press release. Through her research, she’s investigating the impacts of the physical earth on biodiversity using paleogeography and geochronology.

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The San Marcos Education Foundation provided 13 grants to San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District teachers totaling almost $8,000.

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Dr. Joshua Pozos

“Dr. Pozos helped achieve top quartile in readmission rates, top quartile in mortality rates, reduced length of stay and worked on numerous improvement initiatives. Dr. Pozos brings notable strengths and experience in leadership and management skills, quality improvement, and patient-centered care.”

The Texas Department of Transportation will hold a virtual open house meeting with in-person options in three locations to share study information and get input from the community on the I-35 Austin to San Antonio Link Study.


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Kennedy Claybrooks looks for the open teammate in the Bobcats last home game.
Daily Record Photo by Gerald Castillo

Texas State was unable to overcome a 28-point fourth quarter outburst from the Southern Miss Golden Eagles as the Bobcats lost 68-58.

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Sophomore guard Jordan Mason dribbles the ball down the court against the Ball State defense in the Bobcats last home game. Mason finished with a team high 18 points in Texas State’s loss to Southern Miss last Saturday.
Daily Record Photo by Gerald Castillo

Texas State fell short last Saturday night as the Bobcats lost to the Southern Miss Golden Eagles 78-74.

Splendora 1 San Marcos 12 Danbury 13 San Marcos 2 Brennan 3 San Marcos 0 San Marcos 0 Hallettsville 16 Wylie 7 San Marcos 4 Caney Creek 4 San Marcos 9

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Shortstop Hannah Earls tags out the base runner trying to steal second in the Bobcats first game against Texas Tech.
Daily Record photo by Gerald Castillo

The Bobcats closed out the TXST Tournament in emphatic fashion as Texas State defeated the Texas Tech Red Raiders 8-1.


SMARTS assists teachers in Hays, San Marcos CISD

The San Marcos Area Retired Teachers and Staff (SMARTS) in HCISD serve breakfast to Hays bus drivers in December.
Submitted photos

SMARTS assists teachers in Hays, San Marcos CISD

Considering Columbia

One of four living species of Tapir, Mountain Tapir can reach up to 550 pounds. Females, like this individual that I spotted on the Otun-Quimbaya trail, are larger than males. Mountain Tapir are unique among Tapir species in that they are the only member of the family found outside of tropical lowlands. The other three species are the South American, Bairds and Asia’s Malayan Tapir. If you encounter one, enjoy the moment but be cautious. While usually shy, Tapir can be aggressive if provoked.
Photos by Justin Harris

Unforgettable nature encounters await bold adventurers in this tropical locale

Empty pens and rejections signify putting in the work

With varying degrees of frustration, I really dislike when I’m writing something while my pen runs out of ink. Argh! If I have another pen on hand (which is usually the case), it’s not the worst. If it’s my only pen without another one instantly available, that’s like Hulk Smash-level frustration. Sometimes, I’ll just keep writing with my inkless pen to finish my thought, hoping I can go back later and etch over it with a pencil, just like in the mystery and detective stories. And sometimes, I try to get to a new pen as quickly as possible to attempt tracing those letter impressions.


Trees provide many comforts to animals and humans.
Photo from Metro Creative

Trees are one of man’s best friends.


The Texas GOP continues its attacks against nonconformity.

When I read about the “silent book club” trend, it filled me with instant calm and hope.

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A federal judge is expected to rule quickly on the constitutionality of a Texas law about to go into effect that institutes new state penalties for illegal border crossings. During a hearing last week, U.S. District Judge David Ezra said he had concerns that other states would follow Texas’ lead in creating their own immigration laws – a power given exclusively to the federal government under the U.S. Constitution.

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