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Hays County Food Bank interns Miguel Madrid, Genevieve McNeil and  Marjorie Cantrell sport matching turkey outfits to help keep spirits high during the annual boxing day for the holiday meal boxes at Night Hawk Frozen Foods, Inc. Daily Record photos by Denise Cathey

Little Guys Movers help tackle hunger

Thanksgiving is called “turkey day” for a reason — it’s just not quite the same without that big bird at the center of the table.

Large crowds for holiday festivities can have any host in a hurry. Preparing ahead and finding simple recipes, like this turkey with roasted grape gastrique, can help relieve the pressure. Photos courtesy of Omaha Steaks

A guide for gathering for the holidays

(Family Features) Gearing up for a crowd at your holiday festivities can provide moments of excitement, stress, fun and plenty of other emotions as the big dinner draws near.