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Above, North Street's Chicken 65 taco — fried chicken, tossed in their chili wing sauce, served with coco rice, red cabbage, queso fresco, lemon cucumber riata, jalapeno crema and cilantro — accompanied by a side of waffle fries. Left, North Street's Curry Queso, a wonderful concoction of housemade curry spices and melted cheese. Daily Record photos by Nick Castillo

Foodie Friday: North Street

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Are you a foodie looking for unique flavor combinations? Then go no further than North Street Beer and Curry Shop. This locally owned, Indian-influenced eatery is owned by the Katz brothers, Chase and Seth. If you haven’t met them it’s likely you’ve still been in one of their establishments — Zelicks Icehouse, Dos Gatos, or Pie Society — and sampled their cuisine.

North Street’s menu is simple, and what they do, they do very well. As a frequent customer, I’ve tried just about everything on the menu. But the one thing I can’t seem to do without is on the Chaat – or snack – portion of their menu. It’s their famous Curry Queso.

If I were a condemned man, this would be one of the food items I’d request before meeting my maker. This golden, smooth, wonderfully tasting concoction is a Texas-style queso with their housemade curry spice blend and served with tortilla chips. At just $7 it’s a great value and can easily accommodate a group of four. 

The Chicken Curry Nachos are also delicious, which comes with curry chicken, queso, white cabbage, spicy pickled red onions, avocado, cilantro, chili crema and jalapeno crema served on tortilla chips, and a bargain for $12.


You just can’t go wrong with any of the Curry Tacos. 

New to the menu is the Chicken 65. It's fried chicken, tossed in their chili wing sauce, and served with coco rice, red cabbage, queso fresco, lemon cucumber riata, jalapeno crema and cilantro. The chicken was cooked perfectly, crispy on the outside, and tender and juicy in the center. Don’t let the spices fool you. I didn’t think it was too spicy. Oh, and the taco portion…it’s not what your think. It’s a soft pillowy bread wrapped around all the tasty goodness, all for just $8.50!

Much like the Curry Queso I always order the Chicken Tikka Masala. It’s just so wonderful. It comes with the coco rice, queso fresco, white cabbage, cilantro, avocado, jalapeno crema and tamarind date chutney. It too is wrapped in the bread and just $7.50. Thrown in an order of their seasoned waffle fries and you won’t regret it.

They also have a select group of featured dishes like the Butter Chicken. Tender oven baked chicken served in a creamy tomato sauce; or try the Curry Trio and choose three of the following: chicken curry, paneer tikka masala, chicken tikka masala chana masala and butter chicken. 

The service was great and the waitress was knowledgeable about the menu. The atmosphere is always great, and a place where you lose track of time, if not careful. 

North Street has several domestic and craft beers available.


216 North Street

San Marcos

Phone: 512-667-7094

*Due to the coronavirus please check ahead for times and availability.

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