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Mardi Gras is on Feb. 13th, which is sadly a Tuesday this year. And like most festive holidays, the date can be moved to a weekend if one so chooses. San Marcos will be celebrating Mardi Gras early this year on Saturday at various locations throughout the city starting with the Mystick Krewe of Okeanos Mardi Gras parade. The parade starts at 12 p.m. and is a circle that for the majority of the route follows Belvin Street and San Antonio Street. Then you can head to Zelick’s Icehouse to watch some live music and have beer and crawfish for their Mardi Gras Celebration. And if you are craving more of a zen Saturday, Everyday Zen will be celebrating the Lunar New Year at their shop from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.. The shop is adorable with tons of crystals, jewelry, tea accouterments and pieces that enhance meditation and magic rituals. There will be a selfie booth at the shop as well for an instagram worthy moment.

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Valentine’s Day has never been one that my wife and I celebrated with any sort of grand pomp and circumstance. Our tradition became a walk through H-E-B to splurge on whatever type of specialty food we want to eat before dancing in the kitchen all night to the sizzle and pop of a cast iron skillet. It may be steak and shrimp or possibly even a lobster tail. Anything is on the menu.

Now that I’ve got two young daughters, I feel part of my responsibility is setting an example early on of how I feel they should be treated. I want my girls to grow up with the expectation of how a gentleman should act, and Valentine’s Day is one opportunity to try and set that expectation.

Last year, I took my oldest to the Me and My Guy Dance put on by the San Marcos Parks and Recreation Department at the Activity Center. It is a semi-formal event for what Charlotte now calls our “fancy date.” It’s a reason to dress up a little bit, go out for a nice dinner and then dance to your heart’s content. While the dance offered plenty of opportunity to show her a few spins around the floor, my favorite parts were the sillier songs where young ladies and their designated guy end up out on the floor with a hand under each arm doing the most obnoxious Chicken Dance or Macarena possible. It was a great time. The only problem I’ll have is we had so much fun last year there is no way my youngest would let me get away with leaving her behind. It looks like I’ll be pulling double duty on the dance floor this weekend.

Importantly, there is no registration the day of event. Get tickets at by noon today for Saturday night’s Me and My Guy Dance from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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One of the best things I have always loved about San Marcos is that on any given weekend, all year long, we have so many fun, interesting, engaging and exciting things going on. For this weekend, it’s especially true. Starting out on Friday, Wake the Dead is having an antique art sale with proceeds benefiting the Hays County Food Bank. While you’re there, start your Mardi Gras celebrations with a King Cake Roll. If you find a baby, you get a $5 Wake the Dead gift card. After visiting Wake the Dead, head over to Cheatham Street to catch Indie country artist Matt Castillo play. Don’t stay up too late, though, because the bon temps roulez continues Saturday morning. We’ve got the parade and the farmer’s market; those are must-sees, but continue down to Davenport at 11 a.m. for the Tainted Love Market Day. This 80s-themed market will feature vendors, a photobooth, Tainted Cupid and a brunch party. 80s fashion is highly encouraged, so dust off your neon slap bracelets and Guess overalls. I’ll see you in my peak Madonna goth.


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