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A Word About Recycling with Ollie Maier

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Whenever I see an 80 to 90 percent redemption rate – read recycling/returned rate – it catches my attention. Thus this article in a recent Recycling Today newsletter did just that.

The article started that when all figures are in for 2018, “Oregon expects to achieve between an 80 to 90 percent redemption rate for its bottle bill program, according to reports from the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative.”

This is an increase from a redemption rate of 73 percent in 2017. Although there were several factors involved, probably the biggest one was the deposit to consumers increased from five cents to 10 cents in April 2017. That is probably a pretty good reason.

As a spokesperson said, “Even though it’s only a 5 cent increase, that’s doubling the amount people get back. That’s motivating to people.”

Starting in 2016, nonprofits were also included in the program. And since that year, almost 1,300 nonprofits have joined in the program, raising over $1 million.

Additionally, to make the program more convenient for people, the Cooperative put in more bottle drop redemption centers in 2018. They now have 25 centers across the state plus 18 bottle drop redemption express centers at grocery stores. They are planning to add more this year.

Unfortunately, as the spokesperson stated: “One challenge we are facing is out-of-state return fraud.” She explained, “People will bring containers to Oregon that were purchased in other states and had no deposits paid on them. When those containers are returned in Oregon for a deposit that was never paid, it is a burden to the system.”

Let’s hope they find a solution to the problem and other states also start having such a good redemption rate.

If you haven’t visited the Green Guy Recycling Services drop-off site recently, you may be in for a pleasant surprise. They have a new larger, more modern office area, with all the same wonderful helpful workers both inside and outside. Another change is you also no longer have to separate glass by the different colors.

Speaking of the dropoff site, here is what local citizens recycled there this past January:

  • Metals: 1,956,975 lbs
  • Cardboard: 386,800 lbs
  • Paper: 89,960 lbs
  • Glass: 29,450 lbs
  • Plastic: 18,399 lbs
  • Monitors: 7,684 lbs
  • Electronics: 3,183 lbs
  • Used oil: 1,595 Gallons
  • Used oil filters: 400
  • Used Tires: 582

A great start for 2019. Additionally, a number of other things were recycled there such as printer cartridges, rechargeable batteries, Styrofoam peanuts, plus some recycled items sold to citizens at a greatly reduced price. Again, we should all be very proud of these amounts. We also appreciate everything recycled at other drop-off sites and curbside. A big Thank you to all of you who recycle and are good stewards of all the blessings we have been given. Keep up the wonderful work.

Till next week, do have a great one...

--Ollie is a local citizen concerned with the environment and helping others. A retired Air Force fighter and instructor pilot, he is a graduate of Leadership San Marcos and received his degrees at Texas State University where he worked on staff before totally retiring. For questions or comments, he invites you to call him at 512-353-7432 or e-mail

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