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KZSM — San Marcos High School Radio Plays

Sunday, April 25, 2021

At noon this Friday, April 30, and again at 4 p.m. Saturday, May 1, will proudly present radio plays written and produced by Theatre II students at San Marcos High School.

The project was developed by Abigail Hopkins, a student teacher and theatre major at Texas State University. She was “inspired to develop radio plays with the students after observing Mrs. Rowe’s unit on Foley art and sound design.” Working alone or collaborating in groups, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students completed one-to-five-minute radio dramas that incorporate music, sound effects, and dialogue to tell a story. As Hopkins explains, “students had complete ownership of their amazing creations as they picked their topic, wrote their script, designed their Foley sound effects, and created fun-to-listen-to characters.”

The students made their own sound effects using random objects available to them to create unique sounds specific to their radio drama. For instance, they used paint rollers to create the sound of bikes and a metal plant hanger and a spoon to create the sound of a cow bell.

Their stories include murder mysteries, comedies, and dramas—“something for every listener,” as Hopkins describes them. You will have to tune in to appreciate the full range of the imagination displayed in these productions. “I am extremely proud of their accomplishments,” she says. “The excitement and engagement from the students that I have received from this project is unmatched from anything else since the start of lockdown last year.”

The project succeeded despite being planned and executed during the transition from distance learning to in-person instruction, Hopkins explains. “Just two weeks ago I hadn’t even met half of the class because we were still faced with the challenges of hybrid and virtual learning.”

When the radio plays have been recorded and broadcast, with editing help from Program Manager Steve Jones, students will have achieved more than a sense of accomplishment. “Whether these students are going to continue in theatre, radio, or something completely different, everyone will walk away from this project and this class with a valuable skill set that they can use in their other classes and everyday life, including cooperation, project management, problem-solving, leadership, creativity, public speaking, time-management, and goal setting.”

We at agree with Hopkins: “It’s been an amazing experience to get to know these incredible and creative students and to be more involved within the community.”

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