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Shadow eclipse tourism, of the forecasts traffic

Shadow eclipse tourism, of the forecasts traffic

Sunday, October 8, 2023

Several city of San Marcos departments are preparing ahead of the annular solar eclipse event happening on Saturday, Oct. 14. While San Marcos is not directly in the path of the eclipse, the city anticipates increased traffic as observers travel to preferred viewing locations.

“It’s going to be a busy weekend in San Marcos,” said Emergency Management Coordinator Rob Fitch. “We’re in a prime location for eclipse travelers, and there are several other events planned throughout the community that are happening at the same time including the Native Plant Sale and Monarch Festival at the Discovery Center and a home football game and Family Weekend at Texas State University.”

Staff from multiple city departments, including San Marcos Police, San Marcos Fire, and the city Marshals Office, have been meeting for weeks to prepare ahead of the eclipse and will have additional staff scheduled October 14 ready to respond to traffic incidents, should they occur.

Due to the potential for increased traffic, residents are encouraged to plan ahead.

“If possible, run your errands ahead of the weekend,” Fitch said. “Fill your car up with gasoline, grab your groceries, and pick up prescriptions so you don’t have to fight traffic. If you’re attending a community event, plan your route and give yourself plenty of time to get where you’re going.”

Residents who plan to watch the solar eclipse should make sure they have the proper safety equipment for it, including protective eyewear. The eclipse should not be viewed through a camera lens, binoculars, or a telescope without a special- purpose solar filter, as it will cause instant severe eye injury.

“Visitors’ and residents’ safety is our top priority during this eclipse event,” said Fitch. “The preparations we have in place for October will also help us prepare for the big, historic solar eclipse in April.”

Additional resources, safety information, and preparation tips are available at www.sanmarcostx. gov/eclipse. For media inquiries, contact communicationsinfo@ sanmarcostx. gov.

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