CenturyLink inadequate

Dear Editor:

Since our move to San Marcos two weeks ago, my wife and I have been enormously impressed by the folks we’ve met. We’ve especially enjoyed working with the various service industry folks we’ve hired to help us — a locksmith, septic guy, the electric company and even the folks at City Hall. The one exception is CenturyLink, which has been a nightmare.

Because they are the only company that provides highspeed internet to our neighborhood (“high speed” is something of a misnomer), we were required to purchase our service from them. I dropped by their downtown office, parked in one of the 12 spaces reserved for “customers,” and was immediately turned away at the door. A disembodied voice over the intercom said they no longer do face-to-face. The same is true in Austin and everywhere, I was told. Since then I’ve spent 12 hours on the phone trying to set up what in other cities and towns is a simple matter. Their system, such as it is, is hopeless. Their service is awful — which is to say, nonexistent.

I hope others will join us in moving to this lovely town. But I would warn them in the strongest possible terms:  if you need internet service for your home or business, stay away.

Thank you, Mark Couhig

San Marcos Daily Record

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