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Letter to the Editor

Editor, I am a track athlete and have been for the last 50 years. I compete year round in road races and track events local, intrastate and in National events. I use different venues (places to train) depending on the races or events that I’m preparing for. These venues are all on the road or streets which at times are not very safe considering some of the drivers in San Marcos. One place that I have always had access to before moving to San Marcos at three different school districts was the track facility at either a middle school or high school. However, in San Marcos I am not permitted to use the track because I am told that it is closed to the public. No reason is given for that. Aren’t school facilities paid for by our taxes? It seems to me more people might take fitness more seriously if they had a place to walk, jog or run without the danger of being injured by a texting driver. I would like to know exactly why we can’t use this facility. At the cost of having a track and to have it just sitting there and used only a few weeks during track and field season doesn’t make sense or seem economically feasible. There is nothing there to damage. A few posted rules can be made and can easily be enforced if necessary. I have used a track for over 50 years and have never seen or heard of any being abused or damaged. Having it open two or three a week for a few hours seems very plausible to me.

Are you losing sleep over slumber parties?

In recent days, the hormonal distribution in my household has become slightly more balanced as two of my three teenage daughters and several lines of credit are now off attending college. This means that when I’m at home, I only receive the contemptuous sideeye from my wife, my youngest daughter, two female dogs and a female cat anytime I produce even the most innocent of bodily noises.


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