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High-end electrical users could strain grid

The growth of industrial-scale users of power could strain the Texas power grid, ERCOT’s chief announced last week. The Dallas Morning News reported Pablo Vegas, the agency’s CEO, said bitcoin miners and artificial intelligence data centers going in across the state, as well as industrial growth in the Permian Basin, could create the need for a massive buildup of power transmission lines in the future.

Common misconceptions about ‘Rape Kits’ according to HCWC

April is both Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Awareness month. The following article is the final article of a five-week series focusing on raising awareness about sexual assault and child abuse. Locally, HCWC served 616 community members that experienced sexual assault or abuse and 899 children that suffered abuse and their protective caregivers.

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To understand hard water in Texas, go straight to the source

Earth Day, celebrated annually on April 22, reminds us of the importance of preserving our planet for future generations. A vital element to sustaining life is water, which covers 71 percent of the Earth. Across the United States, water sources vary widely, ranging from freshwater lakes and rivers to underground aquifers and reservoirs, each playing a crucial role in water supply. Depending on the geological composition of a region’s water source, the amount of dissolved minerals in the water can differ.


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