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Permian Highway Pipeline – Stop work, move it and respect the Texas Hill Country

The construction of the Permian Highway Pipeline (PHP) by the Kinder Morgan Corporation is a perilous and unprecedented threat to the Texas Hill Country. From the beginning of this project, Kinder Morgan demonstrated a thorough lack of concern and understanding of the ecological sensitivities, the hydrological uniqueness, and the sensitive nature of our region.

Local courts need to change to address the realities of COVID-19

Today, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, our local municipal and county courts, are, through their actions or unwillingness to act, creating an insurmountable roadblock to employment and education for the economically disadvantaged in our community. This burden manifests itself in the form of inaction or a hardened and unwavering reaction on the part of local prosecutors and/or the courts to attempts made to resolve outstanding arrest warrants by these individuals that, in many cases, stem only from minor violations of the law like speeding, illegal lane change or running a red light.

Analysis: A persistent coronavirus thriving against an inconsistent Texas government

The spread of the coronavirus in Texas is accelerating. State leaders dither, following the example of national leaders — all of them afraid to impose unpopular restrictions and many of them doubting epidemiologists and other medical and public health officials as overly dramatic Chicken Littles.


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