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Letter to the Editor

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Dear Editor,

I am writing in reference to this week’s cover story regarding Cape’s Dam, and I am yet again disgusted by the promotion of misinformation wielded by the power of the press on this pivotal environmental issue. The attempted defamation of Councilmember Derrick was egregious, unwarranted, downright petty and wrong. To be clear: Melissa Derrick is one of the only river warriors we have represented on the San Marcos City Council, and she absolutely supports science. Real science. Not “science.” There’s a huge — actually statistically significant — difference.

Let’s back up here for a minute because this cover story revealed a complete lack of understanding of the discussion that took place at this week’s council meeting. Let’s start with the definition of the word SCIENCE, just to get us back on the right (cover) page. defines science as “knowledge, by facts or principles; knowledge gained by systematic study,” and I believe this is an important place to start — by understanding that science is actually based on systematic study, not beliefs, desires, or myths perpetuated through social media (or in this case, newspapers).

There has been an attempt to mislead our community into believing that the scientists are wrong and the business owners are right. Despite the fact that systematic study has repeatedly provided overwhelming scientific evidence that Cape’s Dam is an environmental and ecological nightmare for the river, vegetation, and aquatic life, the Daily Record appears to want its readers to disbelieve the scientific evidence and rather, to support the local Big Lie that the Mill Race (which is the man-made trench-slough, dug forcibly by the labor of enslaved men, which diverts one-third of the river from itself) is actually the main channel of the river. This Big Lie is supported by the “science” of a handful of business owners, not the scientific community.

Melissa Derrick rightfully called out this LIE that was listed in the agreement. It seems that the misinformation campaign leaders were able to cozy up to our political leaders to get close enough to slip in language claiming FALSE “Science.” Melissa Derrick called BS on this lobbyist-written agreement, asked to have it stricken from the language, and refused to allow our governmental documents to state such falsehoods. She should be commended for her fortitude, bravery, and commitment to true systematic study (aka Science).

Shame on you, Daily Record, for trying to frame this discussion in any other light.

For accurate, science-based information, readers can find studies through the San Marcos River Foundation site. A fact sheet regarding Cape’s Dam can be found here: https:// I hope that the Daily Record will work harder to publish science, facts, and evidence, refrain from promoting misinformation and falsehoods, and stop bending the truth to meet their own political agenda. It’s not a good look.

Kelly Stone

San Marcos

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