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Letter to the Editor

Tuesday, September 27, 2022


Judge Becerra might try to distance himself from the Hays Central Appraisal District as much as he can but even though he may be correct literally, figuratively they share the same blame.

When I protested my taxes in Kyle, the foreman of the panel told me I shouldn’t blame them for my taxes. He told me to go to city council meetings, school board meetings, and county commissioners meetings. He told me, “they are the ones raising your taxes.”

He is right. As long as people keep voting for and approving bonds for this, and bonds for that, our taxes will keep getting higher.

Schools I can see the need. But more fire stations, more police, more firemen, more city employees and departments? No. And, they all keep getting raises and new vehicles every year. And us? As soon as Uncle Sam gives us on social security a 3% raise, the city, county and schools snatch it away from us. So, what raise?

The police should be self-sufficient by issuing more tickets. There are hundreds of red-light runners and stop-sign violators, not to mention speeders and non-turn signalers who think they own our streets. Paint the lines on our strees, fill the potholes — We want our money’s worth for the taxes we pay. Get rid of the Park Rangers — They drive all around our neighborhoods intimidating people and stopping people like they are regular police (which they are and their overtime earnings are killing us taxpayers).

And Mr. Becerra, have you ever thought about sending inmates back to their home counties and letting their county jails take care of them until they stand trial here? As many inmates as you ship out to other jails and cost us millions, it is hard to believe all of those criminals are from San Marcos.

As for Mayor Hughson, who wants to stay for another term to finish “unfinished business” there will always be unfinished business. So, goodbye and don’t let the door hit you when you leave.


Ezekiel Enriquez, Sr.

San Marcos

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