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Letter to the Editor

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Dear Editor,

In October, the San Marcos Daily Record published a picture of the Pumpkin Patch at the First United Methodist Church which concluded on October 31st. We appreciate your efforts to inform the community of this mission project.

This truly was a community event.  Hundreds of people from San Marcos and surrounding areas came to the Pumpkin Patch to buy pumpkins but they also came to take pictures of themselves, their friends, family, young children and of their pets.  Sometimes people just came to the Pumpkin Patch to wander around and view the amazing varieties of pumpkins and gourds.  The church also sponsored a Party in the Patch with an estimated attendance of over 500 individuals and families who came in Halloween costumes to play games, take pictures and to eat hotdogs!

The community was very important to the success of the Pumpkin Patch with volunteers manning the sales booth, unloading pumpkins and cleaning up the patch when it was all over. Volunteers included our church members and a Girl Scout troop and a Boy Scout troop, National Honor Society students from San Marcos High School, Beta Sigma Phi, members of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, Texas State students and others.  The students from Texas State were members of both social and service fraternities and sororities, the United Campus Ministries and other individuals.  By and large, the students from Texas State University provided most of our manpower.  And womanpower!

Through the collaboration of these diverse groups we were able to raise and donate our proceeds, providing both School Fuel and Southside Community Center over $3500 each. Thank you to all who worked and who purchased pumpkins.

Martha Moore

First United Methodist Church

San Marcos Record

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