Letter to the Editor

Bullying is not OK, no matter what age you are

To: San Marcos Mayor and City Council members; SMCISD School Board; the SHAC; the Ethics Commission for CoSM:

I am a San Marcos native, residing here for 39 out of 41 years of my life. I am a SMHS graduate and mother of two college students, one of whom is a SMHS graduate and now attends Texas State.

I am also one of the unfortunate people who witnessed the horror show on Monday, Oct. 16, at the school board meeting, watching in utter disgust and disappointment when a majority of our elected school board members failed to stand up to hate and the extremist views of Naomi Narvaiz, a member of SHAC and the city Ethics Commission. The very unprofessional and outrageous statement made by Kathy Hansen attacking another board member was an embarrassment to our community. She lost focus of why we were there to begin with, to remove Naomi Narvaiz from her volunteer position on SHAC.

Narvaiz’s offensive tweets and interaction on social media are unacceptable. She is not practicing her freedom of religion, she uses that as a scapegoat for her hate speech. Her cruel words about the LGBTQ community are appalling and hurtful to our youth. Her criminalization of people of color is disgusting and racist. Her views about other religions and comments regarding undocumented youth and DACA are un-American. While she is entitled to her opinions, she is unfit to serve on a committee that deals with the health of our students, and is the poorest example of what a public servant should represent.

On Oct. 18, I became one of Narvaiz’s latest targets. Posing as a SMCISD board member, she called my employer to threaten me and my employer with “police action” if I didn’t stop posting on social media during my privileged time off. This is unethical, possibly illegal, and definitely hypocritical, since I guess she thinks her First Amendment rights “trump” mine. This woman practices no ethics, no morals and no class. Does she represent the majority of San Marcos? I certainly hope not. Is she a positive and healthy example for our youth? I don’t think so. Is she an ethical and upstanding role model for the Ethics Commission? Absolutely not!

Narvaiz presents a clear and present danger in our school system as the filth she disseminates could encourage acts of violence and threats against vulnerable students in our schools and those of us who support and advocate for them. I vow to not stop spreading her news, posting her hateful views and bringing her actions to the bright light of day. Because bullying is not OK at any age.

Finally, thank you to Anne Halsey for standing up for the youth of San Marcos. She and Miguel Arredondo give me hope for a better San Marcos, a city who loves all people.

A deeply passionate voter,

Melissa Romero

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