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People caused students to miss class not social media

Letter to the Editor
Wednesday, May 15, 2019


I take issue with the headline above the fold in the Wednesday, May 1 edition of the RECORD which reads: “Rumors on social media caused many students to miss school”.

 A person put mis-information on a social media platform.  Other people saw it and believed it without confirming its veracity.  Not only did they believe, they acted by keeping their students at home.  

Social media is called that because it was designed to facilitate social interaction.  It was not and is not a reliable source of  information.

Our community, our state, our nation and the world are imperiled when citizens fail to sort truth from falsehood and anyone can create chaos with a few hundred keystrokes.

Rumors on social media did not cause students to miss school. People caused students to miss school.


Gordon L. Sabin

San Marcos

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