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Recent bird sightings

Jerry Hall

 My recent bird sightings have included white-winged doves, house sparrows, cardinals, titmice and golden-fronted woodpeckers, all in my back yard and nothing to get excited about.

     However, other folks have seen quite a variety of avian delights, both in Texas and around the nation.  For example, Bill and Bobbie Wofford of San Marcos spotted bob-white quail and two caracaras not far from Staples.



Rabb y los Killa Hogs will perform Aug. 13 from 3 to 3:45 p.m. The band includes Raul “Rab” Rodriguez, Gilbert Torres and Jimmy Rodriguez. This “Power Trio” is a long-time San Marcos favorite and play a combination of classic rock, blues, country and original tunes.

Johnnie Jam 2016

Lori Steindorf - Features Editor


Features Editor


Johnnie and Celia Rosales, the parents of the late Johnnie Rosales Jr., are continuing their mission of hosting Johnnie Jam. They work ceaselessly to support it for scholarship opportunities.

The event will begin Aug. 13 at 2 p.m. at Cheatham Street Warehouse and is in its eighth year. It will feature 12 local bands, and proceeds will benefit selected 2017 San Marcos High School graduating seniors. 

Photo by Two Tons of Steel


Two Tons of Steel is composed of Jake Marchese, Will Owen-Gage, Kevin Geil and Rich Alcorta. They are performing tonight at 7:30 for the Summer in the Park Concert Series in San Marcos Plaza Park.


Two Tons of Steel rolling into town: Popular band a mainstay at Summer in the Park for more than a decade


Features Editor


Behind the wheel of their brand-spanking new van courtesy of Alamo Beer, internationally renowned musicians Jake Marchese, Will Owen-Gage, Kevin Geil and Rich Alcorta of Two Tons of Steel are rolling into town for tonight’s Summer in the Park concert series.

Two Tons of Steel is a perennial favorite among attendees during the concert series. 

Tonight’s sizzling show gets underway at 7:30 p.m. when these debonaire dudes clad in broken-in boots take the San Marcos Plaza Park stage.

Photo by Mary Keating Bruton

OYOU is the brainchild of noted musician Terri Hendrix. Whatever your artistic passion is in life and regardless of your experience level or capability, Own Your Own Universe is designed to get people in touch with their inner spark that brings them joy. The San Marcos Public Library has a shadowbox on display that familiarizes people with the Own Your Own Universe mission. 


Photo by Deborah Carter of the San Marcos Public Library

 The San Marcos Public Library has a shadow box on display that familiarizes people with the Own Your Own Universe mission. 


Photos by Deborah Carter of the San Marcos Public Library


The shadowbox at the San Marcos Public Library showcases instruments that have been donated to the nonprofit, Own Your Own Universe, or OYOU.


Dreaming OYOU into reality: Nonprofit helps everyone get in touch with their inner muses

Lori Steindorf

Features Editor


Noted musician Terri Hendrix’s brainchild, Own Your Own Universe, is getting off the ground with a little help from her friends.

She proves that when you do the right thing in life and are selfless in your efforts, everything falls into place to reach fruition.

To become more acquainted with the project, Hendrix and Deborah Carter of the San Marcos Public Library have assembled a showy shadowbox that elaborates on the mission behind Own Your Own Universe.

Ollie Maier is keeping San Marcos residents updated on nation's recycling.

A word about recycling with Ollie Maier - Aug. 7

It always pleases me when the citizens affected by some government program are asked for their input as opposed to some leaders who believe they ‘know all’ and thus act like dictators. Along that line, an item in a recent Recycling Today eNewsletter caught my eye.

The article started by explaining the leaders in Nashville, Tennessee “… released a survey Thursday, July 21, 2016, asking residents for input to improve the county’s recycling program.”



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