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Above, North Street's Chicken 65 taco — fried chicken, tossed in their chili wing sauce, served with coco rice, red cabbage, queso fresco, lemon cucumber riata, jalapeno crema and cilantro — accompanied by a side of waffle fries. Left, North Street's Curry Queso, a wonderful concoction of housemade curry spices and melted cheese. Daily Record photos by Nick Castillo

Foodie Friday: North Street

Are you a foodie looking for unique flavor combinations? Then go no further than North Street Beer and Curry Shop.

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Chili pequins. Photo submitted by Jerry Hall


I am a big fan of hot sauces and hot peppers. I recently ordered a bottle of “Zulu Fire Sauce,” made in South Africa, and I am growing a chili pequin bush in a container on my back deck. The bush is currently loaded with little round, green peppers.

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Librarian Deborah Carter serves as SMPL’s Workforce Specialist. Photo submitted by the San Marcos Public Library

Community Focus: Workforce Librarian guides people in pursuit of new paths in life, learning, and employment

Right now it seems that every person, regardless of circumstance, shares the common denominator of COVID-19. In some way or another, we all have been affected by the coronavirus. From simple tasks such as walking our dogs or shopping for groceries, to more complex ones like safeguarding our health and searching for jobs, the current situation has left its lasting mark.

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This Eastern Tiger Swallowtail is finding his feast on a Rainbow Rhythm Orange Smoothie daylily. Photo by Norman Winter

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This Rainbow Rhythm Storm Shelter is part of five clumps surrounding a golden needled Fluffy arborvitae. Photo by Norman Winter

The Garden Guy

A hungry Eastern Tiger swallowtail butterfly gave ‘The Garden Guy’ a lesson a couple of days ago and that is, everyone loves an orange smoothie in the summer. As you might suspect I am playing with you, but just a little.

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THE JOURNEY CONTINUES: Guest Column by Jerry Bullock

Editor's Note: Guest Columnist today is Jerry Bullock. He is no stranger to the San Marcos Daily Record since he wrote the column "Life's Like That" for over 30 years. He is a Retired Air Force Colonel, an ordained Baptist minister, a professional counselor, a military historian and speaker. His column was forwarded to Brother Jim and is reprinted here with his consent:

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Above, Kimchi fries from Casa Choi are big enough to eat as a meal, but they also make an excellent appetizer if you're in the mood to share. Try it with a fried egg on top. Below, Tteokbokki is a spicy Korean snack food made from thick, chewy udon noodles and strips of fish cakes that resemble tofu in texture. Daily Record photos by Celeste Hollister

Foodie Friday: Casa Choi

In Korean, the word daebak means ‘jackpot,’ but in recent years it’s become a popular slang expressing happiness or amazement.


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