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Hays County Master Gardeners work tirelessly on a number of community-minded gardening and landscaping projects to keep this area looking beautiful. From left to right are Susie Higgins, Marilyn Love, Carole Peterson, Sharon Maynard, Rasmey Mau Raymond and Otto Randolph. (photo by Marilyn Love)

Earth-Kind Landscaping


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Musicians of the O’Malarkey Irish Band are, left to right, George Traugott, Gene Milligan, Virginia Davis, Sean McMains, Terrie Cooper and Greg Bumgardner. Providing lively musical entertainment for the upcoming San Marcos Celtic Fest, O'Malarkey is a local band that was formed in 2001. Bandmates describe themselves as a “ ... recipe for fun: Take one smidgen of traditional Irish tunes. Add a pinch of contemporary Celtic. Season to taste with humor and song. Blend well at high speed for 30 minutes or longer. Slam it down, chase with Scotch, and call it O’Malarkey!" See another photo representing Celtic Fest on Page 8B. (photo courtesy of Linda Kelsey-Jones)

Exploring Nature with Jerry Hall: 5 birds you must see

Let me suggest five birds for you to see before you die – cock-of-the-rock, resplendent quetzal, puffin, toucan and lilac-breasted roller.  
These are all avian masterpieces and quite unique. I’ve seen them all, and probably the cock-of-the-rock was the hardest to check off my list.  
I saw a dull-colored female, just briefly and not very well, on a trip to Peru.  
It took a journey to Panama before I finally saw the bright orange male, and then I saw several on a breeding lek, all very colorful and well worth the wait to see.


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