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Each week hundreds of people call or visit the San Marcos Public Library to find information.  “Answers•To•Go” highlights recently received questions. Please visit the library at 625 East Hopkins, call 393-8200 for information over the phone, or e-mail us through our web-page at

Pesticide applicator training at AgriLife Extension

The Hays County office of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service will conduct a Private Pesticide Applicator Training on Thursday, Feb. 26.  
The training will be held at the Hays County Extension Office, located at 1253 Civic Center Loop in San Marcos.  A registration fee of $50 will cover your training materials for the morning.  
The training will begin at 8:30 a.m. No testing will be conducted at this educational event.

Common pantry pest: The Indianmeal moth

Indianmeal moths can be found in pet food, birdseed, cereals, dried fruit, nuts, powdered milk and candy. Adults are small with grayish wings tipped in copper.  Larvae may vary in color, from creamy white to yellow-green to pink and often crawl along pantry walls. Spun pupal cases may be found near corners and edges of wall areas.
To eliminate a pantry pest problem, the first step is to locate and remove all infested items. Removing infested items is the easy part; finding the infestation is not always so simple.  

A Word about Recycling — Feb. 8

A couple of items from the latest Resource Recycling eNewsletter. The first concerns that colder state on the northern end of I-35. There, the residents of Minneapolis will have the option of recycling organics separately if they desire.
A spokesperson explained the test program, “… started in August 2008 managed to attract ‘a little over 40 percent’ of eligible residents by 2013.”


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