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Answers to go with Susan Smith: Old San Marcos flood records


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Cats can ease depression by providing fun, healing interaction. (Photo courtesy Creative Outlet)

The benefits of feline companionship

We’ve all heard the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but have you ever considered interacting with your pet as another way to prevent doctor visits? Many people are experiencing the social and health advantages of interacting with their four-legged friends.
The proof is not only evident in happy pet owners’ faces, but also in recent studies.
Professionals and researchers have found specific benefits in cat ownership. For many people, cats offer social companionship without the fear of judgement.

A Word about Recycling — June 7

A variety of items taken from recent Resource Recycling and Recycling Today eNewsletters plus emails received.
But first we want to thank all the volunteers who came from out-of-state to help with the flood recovery. At lunch, met three Red Cross workers, one from California, one from Tennessee, and one from Oregon. They reported they had met workers from all over the country. Wonderful to see how in the time of need, concerned citizens  from all over join in to help.


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