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Answers to go with Susan Smith: Phantom limb pain


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Q: I need to research phantom limb pain.  What can be done to alleviate it?

“New Residence” by Carolyn Whiteside. (Photos courtesy Walker’s Gallery)

“Yellow Chair” by Lois Schubert. (Photos courtesy Walker’s Gallery)

“Bee on Bluebonnet” by Winifred Simon. (Photos courtesy Walker’s Gallery)

Public invited to Naturescapes reception, awards ceremony at Activity Center

The hallways at the Activity Center are full of birds — flying, feeding and nesting — this year’s annual Naturescapes Photo Contest seems especially light and airy with birds. Across the hall, the invitation to “Take a Seat” offers many and vantage points for observing.
Both Naturescapes’ patient and bountiful photographs of the natural world and its partner exhibit by the Hill Country Photography Club (HCPC) members, “Take a Seat,” seem to be  perfect follow-ons to recent Walkers’ Gallery exhibit, “On Walking.”   

William Tauden poses in his red, white and blue Pizza Rescue costume with his newly painted pizza-making van. (Photo courtesy William Taudien)

Taudien and his Pizza Rescue van will be traveling the states to feed as many homeless people as possible. (Photo courtesy William Taudien)

Pizza to the rescue


Features Editor


Waco mammoth delcared National Park site

WASHINGTON – President Obama will issue a proclamation today designating the Waco Mammoth Site in Texas America’s newest addition to the National Park System.
Discovered in 1978, the location is the largest known concentration of Columbian mammoths, dying from the same event, in North America.
Since its discovery, the site has been developed and protected through local fundraising efforts and in collaboration with the National Park Service, the city of Waco, Baylor University and the Waco Mammoth Foundation.


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