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Adamson Brothers Design (ABD) Furniture – founded by brothers Dane, Spencer and Luke Adamson – launched their flagship table, Fern. The Fern table is a coffee table that also serves as a planter. Photo courtesy of  ABD Furniture

ABD Furniture releases one-of-a-kind Fern Table

Part coffee table, part planter
Thursday, November 29, 2018

Adamson Brothers Design (ABD) Furniture has launched their flagship table, Fern; the coffee table that also serves as a planter – combining functionality with beauty.

Dane, Spencer and Luke Adamson are the brothers behind the Texas-based furniture startup ABD Furniture. ABD creates furniture that enhances and transforms spaces.

Their newest product is a coffee table with a steel insert in the center used as a planter box, aptly named Fern. Fern brings an aesthetically pleasing design matched with functionality into the home.

The Fern table comes in two shapes and two wood variations and the planter insert comes in black or white powder coated steel. In designing the Fern table “we stayed true to our values: longevity, functionality and aesthetically pleasing” Dane Adamson said. 

The table is built with solid sustainable hardwoods and steel. The table is meant to last, not to be disposed of after a couple of years. The legs were designed to fold inwards for flat shipping and easy assembly, with a simple locking mechanism to ensure strength and stability. “The planter table takes less than a minute to setup," it states on their website.

The steel planter insert can easily be removed from the middle of the table and even has a hidden water capture tray to prevent over watering.

“We love designing new and unique concepts,” Dane Adamson said, “and our latest Fern Table is the culmination of many years of creativity and work. The steel insert not only can be used for plants, but we have also seen it used to hold magazines/books, a small zen garden, or even an icebox to keep beer cold!” 

The Adamson brothers look to expand the concept in futuere designs.

“The planter concept can be applied to various other furniture designs, like benches and dining tables, which are currently in the works,” Dane Adamson said.

Over 80 percent of the U.S. population are living in urban areas, and the number of single person households is rising as well. With less space and more people, homes and apartments are becoming smaller and smaller, creating many challenges. Everything in the home is becoming more adaptable and multi-use. 

Furniture and home decor are becoming more adaptable and scaled for these smaller living spaces and plants are being brought into the home. According to a study done by NASA, bringing plants into the home helps filter toxins and harmful chemicals from the air, meaning you breathe healthier and happier. 

Having plants in the home has also been shown to increase mood and improve overall well being. People can now have beautiful functional furniture without having to give up their green thumb.

ABD Furniture was founded by the three Adamson brothers. They began working with wood at a young age, building skateboards for themselves and friends. Throughout college they began to see the need for stable, functional furniture that could serve the lifestyle of mobile millennials. They always knew they wanted to be in business together from a young age so with their self taught woodworking skills, they bootstrapped Adamson Brothers Design in the backyard of their shared college house. They have now re-located to a larger space and have been creating custom furnishings for clients around the country. With the launch of their Fern Table, the Adamson brothers plan to bring a little green into many urban dwellings

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