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Children aged four to six race each other to see who can get the most eggs during their own special egg hunt.

Above, Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra thanks the public for turning out for the Easter egg hunt before the festivities begin. Local children came out to the event ready to collect all the eggs their baskets could carry.

At right, Aria Salazar even wore her own bunny ears.

Below, siblings Emma and Claire Nam and their friend Grace Kim attempt to complete a six-legged egg and spoon race without falling over.
Daily Record photos by Denise Cathey

Big turnout for first-ever Easter Egg hunt on courthouse lawn


Excited to start collecting eggs, Bailey Goins gets in a sprinting position as she waits for the signal to start the Easter egg hunt.

Illiana Ortiz looks around to see if she can spot any eggs close by during the Easter egg hunt.

Following the official signal, Easter egg hunters race headlong from the starting line towards the eggs laid out on the lawn at the annual Farmer Fred’s Garden Spring Carnival.
Daily Record photos by Denise Cathey

Ismael Facundo helps his son Zerik try and find a buried bunny to win a prize at one of the game booths.

Abigail Castillo holds up her rubber ducky in a small net as she waits for the attendant to hand her a prize.

Zehavi Hernandez feels his way to what he thinks might be the right spot to pin his pig tail during a game of pin the tail on the pig.

Farmer Fred’s Carnival an annual tradition


At the conclusion of the Inaugural Convocation at San Marcos Baptist Academy, President Brian N. Guenther and his wife, Christy, lead the recessional at the Robinson Christian Center. Dr. Guenther was inaugurated as the school’s 15th president March 30.
Photo by Don Anders

After throwing out the first pitch at the Bears’ March 29 baseball game, Dr. Brian N. Guenther celebrates with his son Caleb, a junior who plays catcher for the San Marcos Baptist Academy team. The Academy family gathered at the baseball and softball fields for a “Bears, Ballgames & Barbecue” event on the eve of Dr. Guenther’s inauguration.

Guenther inaugurated as SMA’s 15th president

Dr. Brian N. Guenther was inaugurated as the 15th president of San Marcos Baptist Academy during a Convocation March 30 on the Academy campus. Guenther has served as president of