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A Cappella Unlimited recently returned from the Greater Gulf Coast 2019 Region 10 Competition in Houston with a first place Division A title and a third place overall title.
Submitted photo

A Cappella Unlimited wins first at regional competition

A Cappella Unlimited, a chapter of Sweet Adelines International, participated in the 58th Annual Gulf Coast Region 10 Competition in late March and walked away with a first place Division

Easter is here and for many it is not only a time for new beginnings, but the official beginning of gardening season as well. So why not use this holiday to start kids on gardening and building some wonderful Easter gardening memories?
Photos courtesy of Joe Urbach

Seeds can be sown in all sorts of containers. Let kids get involved by getting them to find their own unique planters for their little gardens.

Growth in gardening:

April and Easter have arrived. We are now fully into the gardening year – but for those souls who stay indoors all winter and stick their nose out over the

Chimney Swifts are small with slender bodies and very long, narrow wings. They have round heads, short necks, and short, tapered tails.
Photo by Melissa McMasters/Flickr

Exploring Nature: Chimney Swifts

Chimney swifts are birds that enjoy close contact with humans, often nesting in chimneys just above the fireplace. If you are lucky, you’ll hear their soft, chittering calls as they

UCM members and Texas State University students Hallie Jones and Consolatrice Nzoya attended the Spring Break mission trip along the border and are helping collect items for the Easter trip.
Daily Record photo by Denise Cathey

Texas State University student and United Campus Ministry (UCM) member Evan Perez reads with an elementary student during a UCM mission trip to the border last Spring Break. UCM made another trip to Eagle Pass Friday to drop off collected donations for their Easter Mission Donation Drive.

Photos courtesy of United Campus Ministry

Eagle Pass homeowner Ruth Herrera hugs Texas State student Evan Perez after UCM spent Spring Break helping repair her storm-damaged home.

Above left, UCM members work on repairs to a home in Eagle Pass during the Spring Break mission trip.

Above right, the Easter donation drive items, including diapers, feminine hygiene products and infant and child clothing, sit stacked in the UCM hallway.
Daily Record photo by Denise Cathey

Putting faith in practice

Holy Week – beginning with Palm Sunday – is generally a time for Christian believers to devote themselves to their faith, but this year United Campus Ministry (UCM) Pastor Todd

Children aged four to six race each other to see who can get the most eggs during their own special egg hunt.

Above, Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra thanks the public for turning out for the Easter egg hunt before the festivities begin. Local children came out to the event ready to collect all the eggs their baskets could carry.

At right, Aria Salazar even wore her own bunny ears.

Below, siblings Emma and Claire Nam and their friend Grace Kim attempt to complete a six-legged egg and spoon race without falling over.
Daily Record photos by Denise Cathey

Big turnout for first-ever Easter Egg hunt on courthouse lawn


Excited to start collecting eggs, Bailey Goins gets in a sprinting position as she waits for the signal to start the Easter egg hunt.

Illiana Ortiz looks around to see if she can spot any eggs close by during the Easter egg hunt.

Following the official signal, Easter egg hunters race headlong from the starting line towards the eggs laid out on the lawn at the annual Farmer Fred’s Garden Spring Carnival.
Daily Record photos by Denise Cathey

Ismael Facundo helps his son Zerik try and find a buried bunny to win a prize at one of the game booths.

Abigail Castillo holds up her rubber ducky in a small net as she waits for the attendant to hand her a prize.

Zehavi Hernandez feels his way to what he thinks might be the right spot to pin his pig tail during a game of pin the tail on the pig.

Farmer Fred’s Carnival an annual tradition