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Luling Lavender Fields sits on 12 acres of land and has two acres of lavender growing around the new storefront that offers all-natural bath and beauty products. Photo courtesy of  Luling Lavendar Fields

Luling Lavender Fields opens doors & fields

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Luling is home to a fresh new business... and scent. Luling Lavender Fields, LLC is a new agritourism business which opened its doors and fields on June 20.

Richard and Erin Leavitt built the business on 12 acres of Watson Ranch, a working cattle ranch owned by Erin’s parents, Bill and Lois Watson. The Leavitts planted 2,000 lavender plants on two acres in March 2017 and are pleased that most of them have survived and bloomed. According to Erin Leavitt, “Growing lavender is very experimental in this part of the state. Our soil and climate are different from that in the Hill Country and northern parts. Lavender likes sandy, rocky soil with good drainage and our field is on an old rock quarry. We have found some lavender varieties that don’t require a cold winter, which most do. We hope to propagate and sell lavender plants that will actually grow well around here.”

The Leavitts chose to grow lavender after visiting lavender festivals in Washington state and learning of the lavender farms in the Hill Country. 

“This land has been in our family for over 60 years and we felt the need to contribute to its productivity so our children and grandchildren can continue to enjoy it for years to come,” Erin Leavitt said.

Although the original idea was to have a side-business, that changed when Richard Leavitt, a building contractor, and Erin Leavitt, a realtor, realized that their location and the current public interest in natural products, essential oils and all things lavender could bring in enough traffic to warrant a bigger and more varied venue.

Luling Lavender Fields also offers an array of lavender products – soaps, lotions, honey and teas. 

Once the field was established, the next step was to build the store. As the Gonzales Enquirer reported, “They fashioned a showroom out of repurposed shipping containers which has a feel of an old dance hall while smelling like something out of Bed, Bath and Beyond. The space has nice views with a centuries-old oak right out front where visitors can sit and admire the rows of lavender.” 

Luling Lavender Fields offers a wide variety of lavender products including soaps, lotions, dried lavender, teddy bears, honey, tea and much more – and the line of handmade products is growing. 

The Leavitts plan to add walking trails and picnic tables under the many oak trees. It is all family and pet friendly. Future plans also include a pavilion with seating, food and eventually a wedding and event venue.

The Leavitts designed the building and did a lot of the work themselves – it truly is a family operation.

“We enjoy the response of the people visiting us for the first time. They are so surprised to see such an unusual store in this unexpected place," Erin Leavitt said. "They often take a lot of pictures outside and then they open the door and just stop and breathe it all in. A wall of cool Lavender aroma washes over them and they visibly relax and start smiling. This is just a really peaceful, happy place.”

Luling Lavender Fields, located at 5 Arrow Ln. in Luling, is open Wednesday-Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Unlike most other lavender farms, they will stay open through Christmas. There are some plants blooming now in August and there is a good possibility that many plants will have a second bloom as the weather cools in the fall. Bloom alerts will be posted on Facebook and Instagram.

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