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New downtown art exhibit to feature works surrounding addiction and recovery

Art subbmitted by the San Marcos Art League

New downtown art exhibit to feature works surrounding addiction and recovery

Sunday, January 29, 2023

The San Marcos Art League kicks off 2023 with a brand-new exhibit in collaboration with the Cenikor Foundation’s Project AIM that will feature works surrounding the topics of substance use, addiction and recovery. The exhibit will be showing at the San Marcos Art Center on The Square from Feb. 2-28. The exhibition’s opening reception will take place on Thursday, Feb. 2 from 5-7 p.m.

The Cenikor Foundation has provided over 14,000 substance abuse treatment facilities across the country with over 2.5 million people who have been treated. Project AIM, Cenikor’s Community Awareness, Intervention, and Mobilization, is a free non-judgmental, non-confrontational program for young adults ages 18-34 to make positive lifestyle changes. The goal of Project AIM is to reduce the progression of substance use and misuse while strengthening prevention capacity at the community level. The program serves individuals in Hays and Caldwell counties, concentrating on prevention and a motivational intervention approach to assist participants in recognizing the attitudes and risky behaviors that lead to adverse consequences. Participants will receive education and information to make healthier choices, gain insight and increase coping and resiliency skills. Project AIM focuses on the needs of each individual enrolled in the program.

This will be the first time Project AIM is hosting this exhibit in San Marcos, and many find the subject matter to be one that needs more exposure. Community engagement coordinator for Project AIM, Peyton Siler, expressed that now is a better time than ever to give this topic more exposure.

“Stigma has long clouded substance use disorder, making it hard for individuals struggling to seek help. Especially with the fentanyl crisis happening, safe spaces are needed to bring awareness. Education that reduces stigma and provides information about treatment and recovery is essential,” Siler said. “Besides seeing some amazing art, I’m looking forward to witnessing the community come together over an important topic that’s so close to my heart. I hope it sparks conversations and lets people know they aren’t alone.” Art League President Gerald Kurten hopes that people can see the link between art and healing through this exhibition.

“Art is healing because it forces a connection between mind and body. The time required to learn and do art demands deeper thought and allows us to consider and share the feelings that words alone may be inadequate to describe. Allowing artists the opportunity to share their personal experience and triumphs or challenges is an important part of Art” Kurten said. “I always look forward to seeing the works of artists who I do not know and sharing life experience through their eyes. I hope to see some poignant stories of how art improved (their) life.”

The San Marcos Art Center is located at 117 N. Guadalupe St. Suite 101 in Downtown San Marcos. The “Healing Arts” exhibit will be showing from Feb. 2 throughout the end of the month during hours of operation, Wednesday - Sunday from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. and 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. on Saturdays.

Artists with work falling within the realm of this subject matter can apply to be in the show at sanmarcosartcenter. com/healing- arts-show-application until Jan. 29.

Guests are encouraged to attend the opening reception on Feb. 2 at 5 p.m. at the Art Center.

For more information, visit sanmarcosartcenter. com.

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