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Hays County’s Election Administrator Jennifer Anderson chosen for training video

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Hays County Elections Administrator Jennifer Anderson has been chosen to represent the non-profit National Association of Election Officials, known as the Election Center, in its video vignettes about the importance of training and certification for government employees working in the areas of voter registration and elections administration. The series of vignettes will be used by the Election Center, whose national headquarters is in Katy, Texas, to explain the importance of understanding and maintaining proficiency in federal election and voter registration laws.

“It’s humbling to be chosen as one of several students to represent the Center, which is the nationally recognized educational institute for elections administrators, voter registrars, county clerks, and all the other many personnel it takes to make elections happen throughout the country,” Anderson said. “The training helps round out my previous elections experience as an elections judge, a school board candidate, and an assistant to an elected official, which has allowed me to understand the election process from those perspectives.” The Elections Center is considered the profession’s premier organization for training and certification.

“We are very excited to be able to share the experiences of those individuals that have made a commitment to pursue continuing education through our Professional Education Program (PEP),” Tim Mattice, Executive Director of the Election Center, said. “By sharing what this program means to them, they, as our customers, can encourage others to make the same commitment and join over 1,050 election professionals who have achieved their certification. The Election Center’s PEP provides 12 college level courses taught by faculty in the Masters of Public Administration Program at Auburn University, the only academic institution in the United States that has the greatest concentration of university faculty who teach in an elections specific certification program, conduct research and have multiple publications in the elections domain. We applaud our PEP participants like Jennifer, who took her time and effort to share her experiences and to be a role model to illustrate the importance of the PEP to her success as an election professional.”        

Anderson has completed the State Registered Election Official program through the Texas Association of Election Administrators, which is taught by the Election Center, as well as seven of the Certified Elections/Registration Administrator (CERA) classes.

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