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2024 House race is heating up

Attorney Chevo Pastrano is 45th District candidate
Thursday, June 22, 2023

San Marcos-based attorney Chevo Pastrano has announced that he is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the 45th Texas House District seat.

'I'm blessed with a great wife and son, a successful business, and the chance to support initiatives I care deeply about,' Pastrano stated, in a press release issued Friday.

'And, at this point in my life, I have an opportunity to get more involved in the community and give back to the people who supported me and helped me achieve my goals,' he stated.

Pastrano, a Kyle native, graduate of Jack C. Hays High School, also completed undergraduate studies at Texas State University before working his way through South Texas School of Law, and passing the Bar Exam in 2002. Previously acknowledged by his peers as a Texas Super Lawyer “Rising Star,' Pastrano is an avid supporter of Texas State athletics, Kyle Blue Santa, and serves on the Alumni Association Board of Directors for Texas State University.

'Hays County has changed so much since I grew up here, but the sense of community and the small-town feel remains. My entire life we’ve been told to wait our turn. I think that now is our time. Being the first Hispanic to represent the 45th district in the history of Texas isn’t about what it means to me, but the message it sends to my son, Gino, and tens of thousands of people all over Hays County that they deserve a seat at the table–a shot at changing the future. The mindset that we need to be governed and let other people determine our futures is dated and wrong. Hays County has changed and our leadership needs to reflect those changes.”

In the press release Pastrano outlined a fivepoint platform on which he plans to build his campaign. Among his campaign goals are to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour and enforce pay equity laws; make college tuition free for students who maintain a B-plus average and remain trouble free; see that restorative justice offers good people a second chance; increase school funding, cut class sizes and boost teacher pay and raise the age for purchasing an assault rifle in the state and strengthen red flag laws.

“If Texas were a country we would rank in the top 10 largest economies in the world–bigger than Canada, Mexico, Russia, and others,” Pastrano stated, adding, 'We don't have a resource crisis, we have a leadership crisis.

'I look forward to working with local elected officials, community leaders, and taxpayers to make certain every voice is heard and that every corner of the 45th District is represented.”

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