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The San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter is offering a $30 adoption special to help prevent overcrowding in its facility. Above, cats in their kennel. Daily Record photo by Nick Castillo

Animal shelter encourages community help

San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter offers $30 adoption special to prevent overcrowding
Thursday, July 8, 2021

The San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter is encouraging the San Marcos community to help prevent the facility from filling up and overcrowding. 

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the shelter has seen an influx of animals come in. Because of the rapid increase, the shelter has done all it can to balance out the number of animals brought in. 

“Right now, while we're not overcrowded, it can very easily become that,” said  Christie Banduch, animal shelter supervisor. “And so that's kind of the struggle that all the shelters are dealing with right now is how to keep us from getting there because we want to maintain that healthy environment for the animals that are coming in.” 

Along with San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter, many other shelters have seen a surge in animals being brought in. One form of aid used is rescue partners. 

“Right now, reaching out to rescue partners … while we still do that, and they're still able to take some animals from us, they're not able to take as many,” Banduch said. 

Due to limited resources, the shelter is currently doing an adoption special. Those looking to adopt can do so for $30. This includes animals that are ready to take home and have received spay and neuter surgeries as well as all of their needed medical procedures. 

“We have, in the works, a couple events, we're just kind of getting back into doing those since COVID,” Banduch said.  

While there are many ways to maintain the number of animals coming in, the one most encouraged by the shelter is spaying and neutering one’s pets. 

“Responsible pet ownership, keep your animals inside, in your yard, in your house, spay and neuter them,” Banduch said. 

There can be more than one reason for someone to surrender their pet such as medical care, behavioral, or training issues. The shelter can also assist in those situations with the Forget Me Not program. 

“Don't be an impulse shopper, make sure you're ready for an animal. I always tell people getting an animal, it's like getting a toddler for 15 years,” Banduch said.

The shelter is also encouraging those in the community to volunteer at the shelter or foster animals if possible. 

“We always need fosters, we always need volunteers. You know, and people just kind of step up into all these roles with us and help us so that we don't get overcrowded,” Banduch said.

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