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Data shows frequency, area of dispatched Sheriff’s officers

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

When a person in Hays County calls 911 for assistance, the Hays County Sheriff’s Department covers the majority of those calls except for the areas that fall within the city limits of San Marcos, Buda and Kyle. The Sheriff’s department released data last week for the frequency of calls in April that are dedicated to certain areas, types of incidents and even times of day.

“This report serves as an overview of the most common types of calls for service and locations of calls for service, as well as frequency for time of day,” the Facebook post from the Sheriff’s Department releasing the data said. “Our 911 stat encompasses accidental/ abandoned calls along with all of our other ones.”

The data includes non-emergency and 911 calls but no officer-initiated activity. Calls covered by the San Marcos Police Department, Buda Police Department and Kyle Police Department are not included in this data.

According to the map published by the Sheriff’s Department, officers were most frequently dispatched to Wimberley, Dripping Springs and the extraterritorial jurisdiction south of Buda and east of Kyle.

There were a total of 3,727 incidents in which officers were dispatched in April.

The top incidents and the frequency officers were dispatched in April were also included in the Sheriff’s Department data. There were 776 investigations from 911 calls, which were the most frequent calls. Officers were dispatched for animal control instances 383 times. The remaining incidents are as follows: 235 for reckless driving, 228 for accidents, 227 for alarms, 205 for traffic or roadway incidents, 201 for suspicious activity, 194 for supplemental or follow up, 176 for assault and 107 for other incidents.

The most frequent times of day for officer dispatch occurred at 3 p.m. with 248, followed by 4 p.m. with 240, 6 p.m. with 240, 10 a.m. with 221, 11 a.m. with 216, 1 p.m. with 214, 12 p.m. with 211, 5 p.m. with 209, 9 a.m. with 208, 7 p.m. with 198, 2 p.m. with 193, 8 a.m. with 187, 9 p.m. with 164, 10 p.m. with 149. 7 a.m. with 134, 11 p.m. with 96, 12 a.m. with 69, 6 a.m. with 68, 5 a.m. with 51, 2 a.m. with 50, 3 a.m. with 41 and 4 a.m. with 26.

The most frequent day of the week was Monday with 629, followed by Friday with 597, Sunday with 534, Saturday with 509, Tuesday with 504, Thursday with 484 and Wednesday with 470. However, there were five Mondays and Tuesdays in April, compared to four for every other day of the week, causing those numbers to be inflated during the month.

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