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It was easy to see just how many fans were in attendance at Texas State games this year after a new lighting system allowed the crowd to use their cell phones to light the stadium.
Daily Record photo by Gerald Castillo

The economic impact of TXST home football games

Friday, February 9, 2024

As the Super Bowl looms, many in the city are also planning ahead for the Fall 2024 football season in San Marcos. As excitement builds on the field, it becomes a powerful force in the local economy. Texas State University's home football games aren't just about touchdowns and cheers — they're about economic touchdowns for local businesses, both big and small.

'The significance of home football games at Texas State University to our local businesses cannot be overstated,” San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce President Page Michel said. “Bobcat game days are crucial drivers of foot traffic and revenue, plus they generate community involvement with the university and students big time.'

On game days, the city buzzes with energy as students, faculty, residents and alumni fill up restaurants, bars and shops. The influx of patrons and visitors means a surge in revenue for a wide variety of local businesses. Whether it's grabbing a pre-game bite, picking up Bobcat merchandise, or taking a side trip to the outlets, every dollar spent contributes to the economic vitality of the area.

The hospitality sector experiences a boon during football weekends, with hotels booked to capacity and short-term rentals in high demand. Visitors from out-of-town often stay the night or full weekend in San Marcos. Their stays are profitable for lodging properties plus they add to the city's hotel tax revenue. This spike in tourism not only benefits hotels and the tax base, but also spills over to many other area businesses.

For local businesses, game days represent a golden opportunity to showcase their goods to a wider audience. From tailgate supplies to game day attire to all the needs visitors have while in town, local businesses are able to capitalize on game days to attract more customers and drive sales. The increased foot traffic translates to a direct economic boost, helping area businesses to thrive in the last two quarters of the year.

Beyond the dollars and cents, home football games generate pride, spirit and camaraderie with Texas State Bobcats! Residents come together to support the home team. Families gather to watch the game.

This is when great memories are made. These shared experiences strengthen the fabric of our community, reinforcing what makes San Marcos a special place to live and visit.

“Game days in San Marcos are special. We love to see San Marcos painted maroon and gold and the entire community coming alive to support our Bobcats on game days,” said Don Coryell, Director of Athletics for Texas State University.” Our success and the success of this community work hand-in-hand. Being able to help drive traffic to local businesses and promote our wonderful San Marcos community to our fans and our alumni is in important part of our existence.”

The economic impact of Texas State University football games extends beyond game days, with partnerships and sponsorships providing additional revenue streams. Local businesses have the opportunity to align themselves with the university's athletics program, gaining exposure and forging mutually beneficial relationships that extend throughout the year.

Direct impacts from spending on ticket sales, lodging, sales tax receipts and media revenues are measurable and total in the millions each Fall. Indirect impacts that result from the spurred business- to-business transactions and consumer spending are difficult to measure, but tangibly felt in the community. This is known as the economic ripple effect.

There’s no doubt, Texas State home football games are economic catalysts that stimulate our economy and uplift local businesses. Game days play a vital role in driving profits and boosting our “town-gown” relationships in San Marcos. Plan ahead and rally behind the home team for an economic win that unites businesses and the university, our “communi- versity.” Go Bobcats!

This article is a collaborative effort, drawing insights from local businesses, community leaders and economic data to paint a picture of the economic impact of Texas State University football games on the San Marcos community.

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