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KZSM: KZSM—Reggae on Sundays—Finding a Voice to Tell a Love Story

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Every one of the music shows on KZSM 104.1 and holds a unique love story about the host’s relationship with the music. On “Big Up Reggae” (Sundays 3-4 p.m.), Lady K (Katherine Nelson) features everything from classic roots reggae to rocksteady, island reggae, rock reggae, dub reggae, and more. Along with recorded music, she sometimes interviews performers who play live in our storefront studio.

“’Big up’ is an expression of encouragement, support or remembrance” she explains. “I use this term to give support to the reggae genre itself.” Today’s show will feature lover's rock reggae--music noted for its romantic sound and content along with some romantic, island reggae from artists such as JBoog.

Lady K’s relationship with reggae began in 2012 when her twin sister was dating Harley Robledo, lead singer/guitarist for San Marcos Music Award winner Judivan Roots. The music didn’t impress her at first. “I thought all the songs sounded the same.” But more listening brought understanding and appreciation, and by 2015 she and her sister were hosting a reggae show on KTSW during their last semester at Texas State.

Two years later, she came to KZSM. “I felt that the only expression I was able to give was through sharing reggae music. My show was called “Sunshine Reggae” because when listening to it, I felt warm, like sunshine on the skin. I wanted to give some light and warmth to people.”

Not long after the show began, she took on a co-host, Natty Pat, and renamed it “Rise Up Reggae.” In listening to replays, she realized that she “stopped talking/ hosting. I was there, but I wasn't using my voice. I just somehow faded away and took a break from the show.” Her hiatus from the show saw “a lot of selfgrowth,” resulting in Big Up Reggae, where “it's just me, in control. My voice, my words.”

Her voice and her music reach listeners at home, in their cars, or even passing on the street. “I enjoy the people who stop in front of the radio station that take a minute to 'vibe out' dance, praise, smile, or wave at me. I want to brighten people's days in any way possible.”

To share your voice, your words, and the music you love, go to KZSM. org, click “get involved,” and complete a Volunteer Interest Form, or email KZSMSanMarcos@gmail. com

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