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Holding the “Big Check” donation to SAPP is Jeannie Lewis (SMUUF Social Justice Chair), Jennifer Vogel (SAPP Program Coordinator), and Jordan Buckley (SMUUF Board President)

Unitarians donate to the SMCISD SAPP

Monday, August 12, 2019

Recently, the San Marcos Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (SMUUF) took up a collection called Donate-the-Plate for $550 to give to the San Marcos Consolidated Independent School District School Age Pregnant and Parenting (SAPP) Program.  Jeannie Lewis, SMUUF Social Justice Chair, said, “Once a month we ask our congregation to donate part of their contribution to the church to give to a worthy non-profit organization whose work alings with our religious values.  SAPP is a program we highly value for the good they do in our community.”   

The SAPP Program in the School District operate a free on-site daycare for the children of school-age parents so the student-parents can continue their education.  SAPP also provide several other services. 

Jennifer Vogel, the SAPP Program Coordinator, said, “San Marcos School District teen parenting program primary focus has been to help teenagers complete their high school education. Last year the donation from SMUUF went to move the district wide sex education plan to a comprehensive plan implementing annual training, including LGBTQ sensitivity training.”

Vogel continued, “Teen pregnancy is the #1 cause for high school drop outs (and future property).  Over the years many social issues have been critical in affecting the teen’s success in getting an education. Some of the issues include: poverty, low family education, domestic violence, dating violence, and repeat pregnancies.   Repeat pregnancies in teen parents have dramatic outcomes for families and communities.” 

In 2004, the School Parenting program developed the goal to reduce the number of teen pregnancies. The National average for repeat pregnancies of teen parents hovers around 65%.  Prior to 2004, this statistic held true here in San Marcos.  With a push for education and also working through the social workers conversations prior to birth about contraception following birth were implemented for all pregnant teens.  Vogel proudly proclaimed, “The SMCISD teen parenting program has maintained a less than 1% repeat pregnancy rate for the past 10 years!” 

Vogel said, “Those concerned with educating young people for a better tomorrow must look at sex education and teen pregnancy. “

Vogel continued, “The School Age Pregnant and Parenting Program is honored to be apart of a community that respects its young people and wants to support their educational efforts. This includes supporting healthy conversations about contraception and domestic violence, especially in the teen parenting population.  This year the program is studying domestic violence and hoping to establish goals and objective to be able to positively affect trauma on young families. This year’s donation from SMUUF will be used to develop these  programs.” 

Vogel expressed her gratitude to SMUUF, “Thank you San Marcos Unitarian Universalist Fellowship  for being active leaders in the San Marcos community.”

For more information about SMUUF, visit their website at or contact Jeannie Lewis at or (512) 353-2872.


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