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Letter’s points were lifted straight from presentation

Letter to the Editor
Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Hats off to Mr Lerman and Mr. Berins on a great job of indoctrinating those they have recruited to write and speak on behalf of their proposed “Lindsey Hill” development. Other than the first paragraph (which comprises maybe five percent of the letter), the rest of the letter from “Don Neese” is, by some amazing coincidence, verbatim from the promotional materials the developers have been handing out at their presentations. So much for “grass roots” support.

 Mr. Neese’s reference to “my neighbors’ desires for this project to move forward without further delay…” is misleading. I live within a block and a half of the proposed project and I am adamantly opposed to it as is every neighbor of mine who has expressed an opinion. A good example of the thinking in the neighborhood is contained in the letter from Diana Baker (who lives across the street from me) on the same page as Mr. Neese’s.

 It is very important for the members of the Planning and Zoning Commission and, if it comes to that, City Council to know that most of the apparent support for the project is being orchestrated, and in some cases manufactured, by the developers.


William Agnew

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