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Adoption created to provide children homes not fill a ‘void’

Letter to the Editor
Sunday, September 1, 2019

“The Benefits of Adoption” in Tuesday, Aug. 27’s edition of the Daily Record is an opinion piece. This response is fact based. Adoption was created to provide children homes, not to fill a “void.” Someone “incomplete” and seeking “a sense of completeness”needs counseling from an adoption competent therapist. Children are not to be used to satisfy your own inadequacies.

A site for adoptions? Why would you want to promote child trafficking? Search the Internet for “murdered adopted children” and read about adoptive parents who passed background checks and home studies who ultimately abused/murdered their children. Let’s protect children, not exploit them.

People want to “adopt a beautiful baby or child.” When infants are born who are not perfect, some adoptive parents back out of the adoption. The quest for the perfect child led to theft of children, black market adoptions and falsifying birth certificates. DNA testing is allowing adoptees to know their original identities. After deciding to carry a pregnancy to term, a woman decides to either parent or not parent. The most common reason for deciding not to parent is a lack of money and/or support. Adoptions cost thousands and thousands of dollars, and family preservation can be had for less than $900. When a woman is in a desperate situation, in what loving and kind world is the solution to take her infant and have her feel even less adequate and capable? To help a woman,support family preservation and help her parent her own child. No one should pray for a family to be destroyed so they can create one.

Unfortunately, the 300 word limitation isn’t enough to place all the facts about adoption in this letter. In full disclosure, I am an adult adoptee, a search angel helping reconnect those separated by foster care and adoption, and an adoptee rights advocate.

Connie Gray

Driftwood, Texas

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