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Chamber’s stance disappointing and may damage its standing

Letter to the Editor
Wednesday, November 21, 2018


It  is disappointing to see that the Jason Mock-led Chamber of Commerce is at it again, trying to push an alcohol permit through P&Z and City Council despite opposition. I had hoped that after unsuccessful attempts to do the same thing in the cases of Gumby’s and Wonder World Park, Mock and friends would have learned that this is not a good position for the Chamber to be in. I am not familiar with the issues in the current Eskimo Hut application but I was very involved in the Gumby’s instance and peripherally involved in the Wonder World Park situation. Typically, opposition to alcohol permits is emotional and a matter of principle (neighborhood quality of life and/or safety usually) to those opposing the permit. The opponents have nothing against small business, they are just trying to protect themselves against something they perceive as a threat. As a result, the Chamber’s pro business arguments are irrelevant, insensitive,  and unnecessarily alienate people.

Most alcohol CUPs get approved routinely. Those that draw opposition are the exception and usually involve sensitive issues. The Chamber needs to use better judgment in picking their battles. I strongly believe that crusading for alcohol permits damages the Chamber’s standing In the community.

William Agnew

San Marcos

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